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Announcing Studio 52!!

5 Brilliant Artists
52 Fabulous Weeks
260 Amazing Pieces of Artwork
1 Must-see Show in 2019!

Welcome to Studio 52!! What started as a random conversation a few months ago has blossomed into this incredible project.

The premise is this: we five Airdrie artists have made a commitment to each other to complete one small painting a week for the next year, with each of us exploring a unique theme we've chosen for our project. Our grand finale will be a reception and gallery show in January 2019!  All of my Studio 52 pieces will be for sale at that time.  If you'd like to reserve one, please message me!

Please follow us on Facebook:  Studio 52

These are my reasons for joining the Studio 52 project.

I am a very detail-oriented artist and I'm also a procrastinator - put those two things together and you get a  s-l-o-w painter! I've been struggling on how to become faster and my project's rules are going to either make me or break me.

52 Weeks in Black & White
Acrylic 6x6 gallery stretched canvas
Palette: very limited colours - only black, white, and one other colour will be used per painting.
Time limit: 1 hour maximum per painting
Publication: every Monday for the entire year.

I hope you enjoy following me on this journey!
(Post script August 2018.  I miss colour so much!!!  Next year's Studio 52 project is NOT going to be black and white.)

52  final Unveil and sale .jpg
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