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8x10 watercolor/mixed media on Arches Art Board

My project is going to be based more on the paint chip names than the colours, but in this case both colour and name were the inspiration for this piece. Paint colours were: Warm & Toasty, Knitted Cape, and Wool Peacoat. All I could think of was a sheep's thick warm wool!

The base of the painting was watercolour, followed by acrylic, then more watercolour, and finished off with final touchups of acrylic. This piece was quite challenging because I haven't painted in a very long time and the creative juices are running a bit slow still. Also I'm still recovering from my broken wrist so I can't paint for long periods of time yet.

Hope you like her!

Studio 52 Mirabelle web.jpg

"Square Tower House, Mesa Verde"

7x10 Watercolour

Paint chip: City Shadows

We visited Mesa Verde years ago and this was the first cliff dwelling I'd ever seen. I've always been totally fascinated by them and literally couldn't breathe when I first peeked over the railing and saw it way down the cliff face. I've wanted to paint it ever since then and it finally happened!


This painting was inspired by the colour called City Shadow. Every time I thought of city shadows, I remembered Square Tower House. If not for it's shadows, it and Mesa Verde's other cliff dwellings would have been extremely difficult to see because they were carved out of the cliffs themselves and therefore disappeared into them.

Studio 52 City Shadow Square Tower House copy.jpg
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