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Sharon Shuttleworth

I have been painting since 2012 and am largely self taught.  My preferred medium is acrylic and I'm exploring watercolour and oils.

​I love doing commissions, a special one-of-a-kind paintings to capture special moments in time for my clients. My portfolio includes everything from pets, cows, horses, cars, scenery and portraits. No painting request is too big or too small, and all commissions are fully guaranteed to fulfill your expectations.

When I'm not painting or running, I have two other ventures I'm involved with.

The first is a collaboration on a young reader book called "What Could Possibly Go Wrong??" a romping collection of fictional stories about our two little goats, Lola and Sad Gary. Based on true events, these stories are full of hilarious situations that Lola and Gary got into when they lived with us. Visit to see the real videos and photos that inspired the stories, and to order a book.

The second is a horse product that I am carrying. It came out of necessity because our horse, Honey, has a lot of white on her and loves getting filthy. We've looked for the last five years to find a product that will get her white and keep her that way, and have finally found it. Manely Long Hair products! Please click on that tab for more information and to purchase.

You can reach me using the form on the Contact tab. 


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