Sharon Shuttleworth

I have been painting for eight years.  My preferred medium is acrylic with a focus on realism.  Photos are used for reference on the paintings.  I began to study watercolor in 2016 specifically because of the free and loose style of watercolor as a medium, a style that is difficult for an OCD-ish acrylic painter to achieve.  Commissions (custom) paintings are my favorite things to paint. 


I took up running and Spartan races in 2014 in order to be able to keep up to my husband and also to try to fend off middle age's creaky joints.  Never thought I'd be doing the things I'm doing now!  5K and 10K races are "easy" now, and I just did my first Half Marathon in September 2017.  It wasn't pretty but I finished it.

You can reach me using the form on the Contact page here or on our Facebook page ("Wayne and Sharon's Caffeine 'n' Diesel").  All painting inquiries are welcome.

No painting request is too big or too small, and all commissions are fully guaranteed to fulfill your expectations.