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Public Art

Coming soon:  September 2018  AirdrieFEST 2018 Park Bench Project!
Volunteer Airdrie supplied 30 of these benches, one for each community in Airdrie, and asked for individuals and groups to paint them with a Canada theme.  I will be painting one personally, and also one collaboratively with the Studio 52 project.  The benches are 60" x 18"  and will be unveiled at Airdrie's AirdrieFEST the first week of September.




July 2017  Canada 150 Mosaic Project

In 2017,  Canada turned 150 years old.  This led to the Canada 150 Mosaic Project, an initiative in which the Mural Mosaic team created a mural including all provinces and territories, over 80,000 paintings and 150 individual murals that, when united, would form one gigantic mural mosaic.  This mural, if ever connected, would be over 365 meters wide (the equivalent of four football fields)!

This section of the Canada 150 Mosaic Project is in Airdrie, Alberta in Nose Creek Park.

My tile is in the third row from the bottom, 14 tiles from the left.  Two things defined the summer of 2017 for me: blistering heat, and the cows constantly breaking out.  Thus, the theme for my little tile.

2017 Random ARTS of Kindness

In the summer of 2017, The Airdrie Regional ARTS Society started their RAK Project (Random ARTS of Kindness).  Artists were encouraged to leave little pieces of art in public places in and around Airdrie for the public to find and take home.  When someone found one of the pieces of art, they were asked to post their finding on the ARTS Society's Facebook page.  RAK was such a success that a second project was designed, the Winter Blues edition, which started November 25, 2017 and continued through the bleakest days of winter until January 25, 2018.  As artists participating in the project, we hope our efforts brightened dark winter days.

Below are two of my little RAK's, Tiny Dancer and Blue Curtain.  Although they were fun to paint, they were even more fun to place in public places without being caught!

June 2016  Airdrie Transit Pass
Art in Motion winner

Creative Airdrie, an organization promoting artistic presence in Airdrie, Alberta, ran a competition for art to feature on the City of Airdrie's monthly transit passes and bus shelter benches.  "Arie's Eye" was chosen for the June 2016 Transit pass!

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