2021: Breaking Free

I am quite excited to announce my new Studio 52 project!!

When we first went into lockdown way back in the spring, I was initially very excited about the prospect of not being able to go anywhere so just being able to paint all day undisturbed. But I had no idea how this pandemic thing would affect my creativity and actually totally destroy it. Months and months went by without me even setting foot in my little studio. Towards the end of the year, a little spark of an urge to paint appeared but it was like a tiny little flame struggling in an wild storm and it needed something sheltering to shield and nurture it. And that's how my new project came to be ...

May I present to you:


                                2021: Breaking Free

                       A year of artistic freedom! 


Although I really loved 52 Weeks in Black & White and last year's project, Horsing Around, each of them had quite strict parameters to follow. Breaking Free is going to be a journey of artistic rediscovery and exploration. There are no boundaries to where it might lead but it will include wood turning, horsehair creations, lino cut, new mediums, bold (for me) acrylic painting techniques, watercolour and oil painting, and who knows what else. There will be tiny pieces as well as some really big ones. There might be daily Facebook and Instagram posts, or there might be weekly ones. Some work will be for sale, some will be gifted, and some might just be learning exercises. Some might even be commissions, because I really enjoy doing those.

Update: April 8, 2021
My husband and I became caretakers of an orphan baby goat at the beginning of February. Through a whole series of events, we formed The Lola Project. It is a charity fundraiser for mental health care in our community. We are raising funds with the Airdrie Health Foundation.

All of my artistic and personal efforts since February 3 have been focussed around Lola the Little Goat. I do daily Facebook updates about her and we have an online store with Lola merchandise. For now, my Studio 52 Breaking Free project is all about Lola!

Please follow us on Facebook @lolathelittlegoat and on Instragram #lolathelittlegoat and #thelolaproject. Be prepared for a mental health lift - she is an absolute delight to watch!