2021: The Lola Project

Update: September 23, 2021  THE LOLA PROJECT

My husband and I became caretakers of an orphan baby goat at the beginning of February. Through a whole series of events, we formed The Lola Project. It is a charity fundraiser for mental health care in our community. We are raising funds with the Airdrie Health Foundation.

All of my artistic and personal efforts since February 3 have been focussed around Lola the Little Goat and our charity project. I do daily Facebook updates about her and we have an online store with Lola merchandise. This has been incredibly time-consuming, so I've changed my Studio 52 2021 project name to 2021: The Lola Project!

Please follow us on Facebook @lolathelittlegoat and on Instragram #lolathelittlegoat and #thelolaproject. Be prepared for a mental health lift - she is an absolute delight to watch!

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