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Hi, Studio 52 fans

Covid fatigue and uncertainty really taxed our creative urges over the last two years. After getting horribly derailed in 2020, we just didn't have the creative energy to do anything. Our 2020 Vision project never saw the light.

2021 .... thank heavens for little Lola, who inadvertently turned our year into Year of the Goat. She was such a little ray of sunshine in another year of uncertainty and we hope she brought you some happiness. (You can still follow her and her brother Sad Gary on Lola's Facebook page @lolathelittlegoat - they are quite the little characters and living the best Little Goat lives!)

STUDIO 52 2021: The Lola Project

In the midst of polar vortex and more lockdowns in February 2022, my husband and I became caretakers of an orphaned newborn baby goat. Through a whole series of events, she became a beloved little part of our family and raised spirits on Facebook. We formed The Lola Project, a charity fundraiser for mental health care in our community and raised over $5000 for the Airdrie Health Foundation!

All of my artistic and personal efforts since February 3, that date of Lola's arrival into our lives, were focussed around her and our charity project. I did daily Facebook updates about her and we had an online store with Lola merchandise. It was incredibly time-consuming and became my Studio 52 project for 2021. The other three artists and our author member also jumped on board, creating art that was featured on Lola merchandise and two childrens' books.

Lola and her brother Sad Gary can be found on Facebook @lolathelittlegoat, on Instragram #lolathelittlegoat and on Lola's website

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