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Welcome! Thank for visiting my page.

My portfolio includes pets, horses, scenery, cars, portraits and much more. There are a LOT of paintings to peruse here. This is because my favourite projects are commissions (special request paintings), and by showing you all of my previous work, you might think "Hmmm...I wonder if she could paint something for me?" And the answer to that is yes! I offer my clients no-obligation quotes, payment options, and 100% satisfaction.

I am a member of Route 22 Artist Collective in Cochrane and we have a lovely little gallery there that is worth visiting. I will be offering teen/adult painting classes out of my small studio in Airdrie starting in fall 2024.

Acrylic is my preferred artistic medium. That being said, I'm loving the freedom that watercolour gives and the beautiful blending qualities of oil, so I'm exploring both of those mediums these days.

p.s. Why am I with a goat? Please click on the Studio 52 Project above and then on The Lola Project tab to meet Lola, a special little ray of sunshine during the pandemic.

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