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Studio 52 is very pleased to present ...

2021: Renascent

adjective: being reborn, springing again into being

from Latin renasci to be born again

Like all of you, we found 2020 to be a year of unforeseen and unimaginable difficulties, sadness, confusion, fear, loneliness and isolation. Everyone has searched for healing outlets for those feelings but as artists, creativity wasn’t even a consoling option because most of us lost it.

We are all missing that essential part of ourselves and as a group, we have decided that 2021 will be a year of rebirth of our creative selves. Thus, Renascent.

We hope you will follow us as we spend the next year exploring who we are as artists, reflecting, growing, and learning.

Due to the uncertainty of whether shows will be allowed, combined with an almost critical need for our art to be a healing outlet and not a source of stress, we have decided to take Studio 52 into a whole new direction for this next year. Each of us will be learning and exploring creation of art in our own ways as we reinvent ourselves in this new world. Will the pieces be for sale? Most definitely some will and that will be up to each artist to present them to you as such. Many will be glimpses into who we are as artists, and how we are stepping out of the security of our cocoons into a new world. Will there be weekly posts from each of us? Maybe and maybe not. But what we each present will be worth waiting for.

Believe it or not, embarking on new artistic adventures can be as scary as it is invigorating. Some of us will absolutely take off, as Melissa has done with her Krampuses. Others of us will be a lot more tentative in our pursuits. But we can promise you without a doubt that you will see some amazing pieces of art emerge from our group over the next 12 months.

Pearl said it all: we will go forth into 2021 strong like warriors with paint brushes and pencils for swords, canvas and paper for shields. Prepare yourself for Studio 52 as you’ve never seen it before as we embark upon a year of rebirth, healing, and hope.

We hope you join us!

Cindy, Sharon, Melissa, Pearl and Sara

Photo credit: helena-hertz-wWZzXlDpMog-unsplash

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