Flashback to National Kids Cancer Ride across Canada last fall. This time last year, Laura and I were just beginning the adventure travelling across Canada raising awareness for childhood cancers.

The heartbreaking reality is that kids are still getting cancer diagnoses every day, and current funding is not adequate at all for research into treatments for their little bodies. Adult treatments are not suitable for young growing bodies.

A program called PROFYLE was created to help kids in their cancer journeys and it is an amazing thing. PROFYLE is PRecision Oncology For Young peopLE and is in it's simplest terms, personal specialized treatments based on the genetics of individual patients. For some kids, this is their only hope left because traditional treatments were not effective against their cancers.

September is Cancer awareness month for childhood cancers and I hope you can join me in supporting PROFYLE research.

Caffeine 'n' Diesel is pleased to announce the following:

- 50% of all sales proceeds and 30% of all commissions booked during September* will be donated to PROFYLE research.

* Commissions of paintings booked in September for delivery up to and including December 15, 2020. It's not too early to think of special Christmas presents, hint hint!


Please note that my website is under construction. 

I have over 150 paintings to add to it so it may take some time!

You can see most of my pieces on Facebook @caffeinendiesel.

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